The Benefits of Drinking Amazake

Image credit: Unsplash In one of our previous posts, we talked about one of the healthiest drinks you can make, ...
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Tepache–A Fermented Beverage

Our culture is addicted to junk, especially in the form of heavily-sugared, carbonated beverages. Worse yet are the diet varieties. ...
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How to Make Fermented Hummus

Of all the condiments we use on a regular basis, I never thought of making my own mustard until I ...
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How Does Alcohol Fermentation Work

We often take nature for granted—the leaves that drop from trees compost to feed the trees, manure from animals feeds ...
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Fermenting with Dead Sea Salts

Ever read the "How Things Work" kind of books? I love them. This post is one of those types of ...
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What is Kahm Yeast & Is it safe?

As a newbie fermenter, I came across kahm yeast and promptly threw everything out. I wish I knew then what ...
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Can a lactose-intolerant person eat yogurt?

People that cannot tolerate dairy products tend to shy away from fermented dairy, like yogurt, as well. Whether that is ...
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Fermented Foods for Depression

The last time I took a child to the doctor for an ear infection the doctor suggested I let the infection run ...
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A Comparison of Canning vs Fermenting

If you want the healthiest option for food preservation and have cold storage available that does not require electricity, you ...
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