Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Colorful Ferments

While reading this post it occurred to me that the compounds in almost every color of fruit or vegetable is ...
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Fermented Elderberry Oxymel

I have been picking wild elderberries and making elderberry syrup for our family for years. Proven to combat the influenza, ...
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4 Ways to Ferment Vegetables without Salt

Many people on low-salt or salt-free diets avoid fermented vegetables due to the high salt content.  They miss out on ...
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Purple Powerhouse Ferments

Ever heard the expression to eat the rainbow? There's a reason behind that. The deeper the color of your food, ...
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Pickling versus Fermenting

When I was in high school I frequently rode the bus home with my best friend after school. After we ...
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Lactose Intolerance and Lacto fermentation

Can you eat fermented foods if you're lactose intolerant? Because fermented vegetables often are called "lacto fermented," some think that ...
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