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How to Make Brine: A Brine Calculator

Ever come across a delicious-sounding recipe that you want to try but you're not sure how to make the brine ...
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Yeast on Fermented Food | Fermentools

Mold or Yeast, How to Tell the Difference

I have six quarts of pickles in my fridge. They are the first pickles I have ever made that are ...
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Mason Jar Fermenting Weights–A Comparison

I saw a friend use a water-filled plastic baggy as a weight in her ferment. I was concerned. I mean, ...
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Fermenting with Dead Sea Salts

Ever read the "How Things Work" kind of books? I love them. This post is one of those types of ...
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Kahm Yeast | Fermentools

What is Kahm Yeast & Is Kahm Yeast Safe?

As a newbie fermenter, I came across kahm yeast and promptly threw everything out. I wish I knew then what ...
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How to Avoid 3 Common Fermenting Mistakes

Although traditional fermenting is pretty straightforward, making certain mistakes is easy. It’s important to pay attention, because making these mistakes can ...
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How to Use Airlock for Fermenting Vegetables and Why

Fermentation isn't a new technique when it comes to food preservation. Evidence indicates that early civilizations, such as the ancient ...
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What Is The Best Salt for Fermenting Vegetables?

Health food enthusiasts know that generic table salt isn't the best food choice. Sea salt, Himalayan salt, and others grace ...
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Do you have to sterilize your fermenting jars

We live in a sterile age. The market is bombarded with bleach of every scent, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizers, and more. ...
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Can You Ferment Different Foods in the Same Room

The other day a friend of mine popped over with some old wine that had turned. He told me he ...
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