How to Restore Healthy Gut Flora Easily

I have successfully treated my family with herbs, rather than pharmaceuticals, for many years. However, there are those occasional times when we just felt antibiotics were called for. That is when we get serious with our fermented foods. If you need to learn how to restore healthy gut flora, read on for six ways fermented foods … Read more

Should I Avoid Artificial Food Coloring

My son was kicked out of Sunday School. Shocking, I know. His behavoir was so bizarre the teacher told me, “I don’t know what to do with him.” And she only had him for one hour each week! Turns out, my little boy had a sensitivity to food coloring. Once we discovered the problem, and … Read more


Do you read labels? I do, even though some of my friends scoff. They say we’re all going to die anyway.  I’m not afraid of dying. I’m afraid of poor health. So, I read labels and look for those food additives science tells me to avoid. Read on and I’ll wager that Michelle convinces you to do the … Read more

Fresh Fruit Kefir Ice Pops

Summer is over. The kids are back in school. My how the time flies! Let’s send summer away with love and ice pops. Making probiotic ice pops is fun and easy. The kids can even help. They are sure to love these awesome cold treats. The flavor combinations you can make at home are almost … Read more

Should I Avoid Eating MSG on a Regular Basis

To continue our series on food additives, Andrew covers everything you probably didn’t want to know about monosodium glutamate—also known as MSG—including what it is, where it is found, and why you should avoid it. If you find yourself asking, “Should I avoid eating MSG?” keep reading this post. I know what you’re thinking, “I hardly … Read more

How to Adapt Recipes for One

One of the greatest frustrations my widowed mother faced in the kitchen was cooking for just one person. After raising a large family, she was accustomed to cooking in quantity. She was not alone. Young single people also need to adapt recipes written for the typical household of four to six. Here, Sarah gives some great tips … Read more

Garlic Pepper Green Beans

Green beans are one of my favorite do-it-yourself veggies. They are so easy to plant and grow, it would be silly NOT to grow them. I’ve only been gardening for about five years, and beans are the one vegetable that I can almost always count on thriving wildly, even if my thumb is usually blacker than … Read more

Why Serve Fermented Foods at Thanksgiving

Ever wonder why, on Thanksgiving day, you can barely keep your eyes open for a football game? Forget visiting with the cousins or playing with the kids in the backyard, you need a nap, and now! That is because our typical Thanksgiving feasts include high fat/high starch foods. Imagine if you could still eat your … Read more


The last time I took a child to the doctor for an ear infection the doctor suggested I let the infection run its course. A shocker after 28 years of parenting. But in those 28 years, we have learned that overprescribing of antibiotics is causing more harm than good. Killing our healthy gut flora is one such … Read more