How to Make a Ginger Bug

There is nothing as tempting as a carbonated soda! When you pop open the top of the bottle or can, the sound of fizzing, the sight of carbon dioxide escaping in vapor form, the feel of bubbles on your tongue… there is just nothing like it. Soda has a reputation of being bad for your health; but does it have to be? Fermenting beverages add a tasty energizing and probiotic treat that both kids and adults can enjoy guilt free!

Let’s talk about how to create a Ginger Bug today!

What is a Ginger Bug?

It’s really simple and extremely easy to make!

A Ginger Bug is a mixture of shredded ginger root, sugar, and water that has cultivated wild yeast and bacteria cultures where fermenting occurs resulting in carbon dioxide yumminess! One difference between a Ginger Bug and kombucha or kiefer is that a ginger bug does not require a special culture, scoby or grain to start!

Starting a Ginger Bug is similar to starting a sourdough culture.

How to Start a Ginger Bug!

All you need is:

~ A Mason Jar

~ Ginger Root

~ Sugar

~ Water

~ Fermentools Airlock System

Step by Step:

Step One: Grate 2-3 TBSP of ginger root.

Step Two: Place ginger root, and 2-3 TBSP of sugar into a mason jar and cover with water. Mix until sugar dissolves.

Step Three: Place Fermentools Airlock System on top of the jar to ensure that carbon dioxide can escape and bad bacteria or house pests (or pets) don’t get into your culture. Place your ferment in a warm place in your kitchen so it can commence on it’s fermenting endeavors!

Step Four: Every 24 hours, drain off a few tablespoon of liquid right off the top of your soon to be Ginger Bug. Add 2TBSP of ginger and 2TBSP of sugar. Repeat this for 3-5 days until plenty of bubbles have formed.

It may take more then 5 days of fermenting for a good bubbly culture to form depending on the temperature of your kitchen.
Warmer kitchen = faster ferment, more alcohol taste.
Cooler Kitchen = slower ferment, more acidic taste.


What do you do with your new Ginger Bug??

Look out for next week’s post on making a basic Ginger Brew Soda Pop!

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