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For the most versatility and the best value, this is the one to get.

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The 12-Pack Kit—The Kit You Want


The two things that come to mind with the 12-pack kit are versatility and value.


The simple fact is that making a small batch of sauerkraut takes almost the same effort as making a large batch of sauerkraut, so you may as well make a large batch. Plus, fermented foods taste better after they age, and a large batch offers the benefit that after the first jar or two, the flavor actually improves. A small batch is consumed before it reaches is potential.


Let’s say you have six jars of sauerkraut going and the peppers start coming in? You really want to put up some fermented pimentos. Having six more sets on hand would make that possible. Plus, you want to keep a lid on hand to make kefir. Maybe you then decide to make some hot sauce. No problem—you have the lids available to do just that. Having extra lids on hand just means that you are prepared for whatever life throws your way.


Or, let’s say you’re making a very small batch of fermented garlic, one of the half-pint sized jars. But you do not have enough garlic to fill up the entire jar. You don’t want to leave the extra space because it may not “off gas” enough to displace the oxygen. No problem. You add extra weights from your 12-pack to displace the extra air, leaving less to be displaced by the fermenting process.


With the 12-pack kit you have the option of doing anything from a tiny, half-pint batch to a giant, six-gallon batch. Now THAT is versatility!


Only Fermentools offers this kind of flexibility in a compact design that will fit inside a kitchen drawer. I keep mine in the same drawer as my silverware. Plus, buying the 12-pack kit lowers the price per set, providing even greater value. I highly encourage you to buy the 12-pack kit if it is in your budget. It gives you the most versatility for the best price available.


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