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This is a minimum size kit needed for working in batches.

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The 4-Pack Fermentation Kit— Experimental Pack

So you’re hooked on fermenting or you’re still new to the game, but want to try some different fermented foods. Our 4-Pack Fermentation Kit is the perfect middle ground between the limits of a single kit and the commitment of the 6-Pack. Now you can have your pickles and eat them too!

Fermentools’ 4 Pack Includes:

  • 4 Stainless Steel Lid – Made from 304 surgical stainless steel, the corrosion-resistant lid will last a lifetime.
  • 4 Glass Fermentation Weights – Made to fit inside your standard widemouthed
  • Mason jar perfectly and won’t react with your food like other weights on the market.
  • 4 Air Locks
  • 4 Rubber Stoppers with holes
  • 4 Rubber Canning Gaskets
  • Beautiful Instruction Guide and Basic Sauerkraut recipe
  • Made in the USA except the airlock, it is made in Canada

You should consider adding our Himalayan Powdered Salt – It has over 80 trace minerals and is ground fine enough to easily mix with cold water! Perfect for all your fermenting endeavors.


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