Pineapple Tepache Recipe: A Fermented Beverage

Our culture is addicted to junk, especially in the form of heavily-sugared, carbonated beverages. Worse yet are the diet varieties. Finding this Pineapple Tepache recipe not only encourages me but gives me something to add to my collection of fermented drink recipes. Let’s drink to health, shall we?

The word tepache means “drink of corn.” Originally, tepache was made with a base of corn. Who knew? Interestingly enough, tepache was first believed to be made in Mexico many years ago. The modern version of this fermented beverage uses pineapple as a base instead of corn. It is still popular today in Mexico. So much so that it is being commercially produced. Making it at home is really simple and you only need about three days to ferment it.

Tepache is made with the peels of a pineapple. It is a fermented carbonated beverage. There are several different recipes for tepache, but this recipe is for just the basic tepache. After you make your first batch you can decide to get creative, possibly adding spices such as cinnamon, or other fruit peels. Another idea is to add pineapple peels and sugar to the second ferment in your water kefir. The possibilities are endless!

This recipe will have you cut off the peels with a little bit of fruit still on it. You can make pineapple chutney with the fruit that is not used in this recipe if you like. Or you can just enjoy the fruit for a snack!

A Pineapple Tepache Recipe


• Fermenting tools such as a set of Fermentools. Airlock systems are easy to use, and keep a healthy environment for the fermented foods, by keep air out while gasses are allowed to escape.

• A fermenting vessel such as wide-mouthed Mason jars; I prefer using a half-gallon size. Some people use a fermenting crock. There are many possibilities when fermenting.

How to Make Pineapple Tepache


• 1/2 gallon mason jar or equivalent of a different fermenting vessel.

• 1 pineapple

• 1 cup of sugar

• Filtered water, enough to cover the peels


1. Cut the top and bottom off of the pineapple.
2. Slice the peels while leaving about 1/4 inch of fruit on the peel.
3. Set aside the fruit to eat later, or use in pineapple chutney or other recipe.
4. Place peels in the fermenting vessel.
5. Pour enough water over to cover the fruit peels.
6. Add the sugar and stir.
7. Place weights on top of the fruit.
8. Make sure everything including the weights are under the liquid.
9. Place the ferment in a place away from sunlight for three days.
10. Strain the liquid from the peels using a stainless steel sieve.
11. Decant into grolsch-style bottles and refrigerate for at least two more days.

If you don’t have the grolsch bottles, you can let it ferment out of refrigeration for five days. It will be less fizzy but still just as tasty!

Serve this wonderful fermented, carbonated beverage chilled. Garnish with a lovely chunk of pineapple and some cilantro.

For more images illustrating how to make Tepache, check out Kristi’s blog Homestead Wishing.


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