08 Plants That Help Keep Weeds Out of Your Garden

Ground Cover Plants: Plants like Creeping Thyme, Creeping Jenny, or Carpet Bugleweed form dense mats that cover the soil and prevent weed growth by blocking sunlight.

Perennial Plants: Planting perennial flowers or plants with dense foliage can create a natural barrier against weeds. Examples include Daylilies, Hostas

Mulberry Weed Suppressors: Mulch with organic materials such as wood chips, straw, or shredded leaves. This helps smother weeds

Edible Ground Covers: Utilize edible ground covers like Strawberries or Mint. They not only help suppress weeds but also provide a functional and attractive ground cover.

Cover Crops: Planting cover crops like Buckwheat, Clover, or Alfalfa during the off-season can prevent weed growth, improve soil health,

Smothering Plants: Certain plants have allelopathic properties, meaning they release chemicals that inhibit the growth of other plants.

Densely Planted Vegetables: Planting vegetables closely together in raised beds or containers can create a canopy that shades the soil,

Native Plants: Planting native species that are well-adapted to your region can outcompete weeds due to their ability to thrive in the local environment.

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