Animals You Can't Legally Own As Pets in America

Owning a pure wolf is illegal in the U.S. because they cannot be domesticated and are unpredictable.



Lions are no longer legal pets in the U.S. due to their size, strength, and predatory instincts.


Primates are poor candidates for pets and are illegal in most states.


Squirrels are illegal pets in 26 states and are destructive in captivity.


Pet alligators are legal in Florida and 11 other states, but they can be dangerous and are not recommended as pets.

Raccoons are illegal pets in most states due to their unpredictable behavior and potential for aggression.


Sugar gliders

Sugar gliders are illegal pets in some states and can become depressed if kept in private residences.

Asian arowana

Rare Asian arowana fish costs over $150,000 but is illegal to own in the U.S. due to its endangered status.


There is no such thing as a mini pig. They grow to be over 100 pounds and can be aggressive. Many cities don't allow farm animals as pets.


It is illegal to own a pet skunk in most states. Skunks are not good pets because of their smell, diet, and destructive behavior.