10 Cities That Must Have Been Named on a Dare

Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, Wales


Hell, Michigan, USA


Hell, Michigan was settled in 1838. The name may come from German settlers who called the marshy area "so schön hell" (so beautifully bright). Hell offers tourists the chance to become Mayor for a day.

Chicken, Alaska, USA


Chicken, Alaska was named after the ptarmigan bird, but locals couldn't agree on how to spell it, so they settled on "Chicken" instead.

Batman, Turkey


The Turkish city of Batman is named after the nearby Batman River, which may have been named after an Ottoman unit of measurement.

No Name, Colorado, USA


No Name, Colorado got its name when the town's people wrote “No Name” on a state questionnaire or when a temporary sign with “No Name” was placed on Interstate 70 and never got replaced.

Why, Arizona, USA


Why, Arizona is named after the Y-shaped intersection of two highways. The name was changed from "Y" to "Why" to meet Arizona law requiring city names to have at least three letters.

Middelfart, Denmark


Middelfart, Denmark is named after its location in the middle of the country and its history as a ferry crossing town.

Boring, Oregon, USA


Boring, Oregon is named after its founder, William H. Boring. The town has embraced its dull name and partnered with Dull in Scotland and Bland in Australia.

Accident, Maryland, USA


Accident, Maryland is named after the accidental overlap of two land surveys.

Eek, Alaska, USA


Eek, Alaska is named after the native Eskimo word “Eek,” meaning “two eyes.” This might refer to two nearby lakes that resemble a pair of eyes.