10 Foods That Look Amazing But Actually Taste Terrible


Rainbow Bagels

Rainbow bagels may look impressive on Instagram but often lack flavor. The hype may not be worth it for those looking for a delicious taste experience.


Durians have a strong odor and spiky exterior that can discourage people from trying them. However, even those who do try them may find that the taste doesn't match the hype.

Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit has an attractive appearance, but it often lacks flavor and can be costly. It might be worth considering other options for a more enjoyable taste experience.

Green Papaya

Green papaya, commonly used in Southeast Asian dishes, has a bitter taste and unappealing texture when eaten alone. For a more enjoyable taste, consider opting for ripe papayas.

Donut Burger

The Donut Burger may sound delicious, but in reality, the sweetness of the donut overpowers the taste of the beef, and it's high in calories. It may not be the healthiest or most enjoyable burger option.

Pure Chocolate

Pure chocolate tastes bitter since it doesn't contain sugar, just cocoa butter and solids. Opt for milk or dark chocolate if you prefer a sweeter taste.

Fairy Bread

Fairy bread is a colorful dish made with white bread, butter, and sprinkles, but its sweetness and texture might not be enjoyable for everyone.


Fondant icing may look impressive, but it's made from sugar and gelatin and can be very sweet. Its taste may not be terrible, but its sweetness might be too overwhelming for some.

Licorice Candies

Licorice candy has a unique taste that not everyone enjoys, and it can have a strange aftertaste. Black licorice should be consumed in moderation as it can cause health issues like high blood pressure and heart failure.


Grapefruit has an attractive appearance but can taste bitter and sour due to the high amount of naringin. Adding salt may improve the flavor, but it might not be enjoyable for everyone.

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