10 Foods That Surprisingly Taste Better Frozen

Doug Collins


Frozen applesauce is a surprisingly delicious treat, whether thawed for a few minutes or frozen into bite-sized portions on a parchment-lined tray.


Frozen bananas are enjoyed for their texture and increased sweetness, often dipped in chocolate and coated with crunchy nuts for added flavor.


Enjoy the convenience of pre-frozen blueberries or freeze them in the carton for a refreshing and healthy snack, or add a touch of sweetness by sprinkling them with sugar.


A delicious ice cream cake, or cut it into bite-sized cubes for a delightful frozen treat. If preferred, let the cheesecake thaw for the traditional cake experience.


A satisfying, melt-in-your-mouth experience. Some chocolate varieties like Ghirardelli squares, Dove squares, and Hershey's Kisses are often exclusively stored in the freezer.

Chocolate chip cookies

Enhance your chocolate cookies by freezing a few and enjoying them microwaved, thawed, or straight from the freezer for a delightful and delicious treat.


Freeze grapes for a sweeter and slushy-textured snack that offers refreshment, or use them to chill wine without diluting it.

Gummy bears

Join the TikTok trend and freeze gummy bears for a transformed texture, becoming firmer and more enjoyable, proving the influencers right.

Iceberg lettuce

Frozen iceberg lettuce can be enjoyed by eating it while still frozen. Simply freeze wedges for 30-120 minutes, dress them, and savor the unique experience.


Freeze marshmallows to keep them fresh, but they are often irresistible as cold, tasty treats that rarely make it to the thawing stage.

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