10 Games You Shouldn’t Play More Than Once



Action-packed gameplay with a wild and ridiculous twist, best enjoyed as a one-time fever dream experience.

Resident Evil 6


A captivating exploration-based game that loses its magic upon repeated playthroughs, emphasizing the importance of the first experience.

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild


An action RPG with memorable characters like ClapTrap and Handsome Jack, whose comedic impact and quotable lines are best experienced during the first playthrough, making it worth preserving the magic of the initial gameplay.

Borderlands 2


A haunting and thought-provoking game where each playthrough reveals new layers of darkness, leaving players with a sense of unease and sadness, particularly due to the enigmatic and sinister role of an evil dog in the game's horrors.

Silent Hill 2


 A unique and clunky experience that, while capturing a certain charm reminiscent of the original Resident Evil, is best enjoyed as a one-time playthrough rather than revisiting it.

Heavy Rain


A bizarre and novel experience where you play as bread, but its novelty wears off quickly after one playthrough.

I Am Bread


A fun hack-and-slash with traumatic memories best left in the past, particularly those dreaded rotating scythe walls.

God Of War


A strange and memorable game, but consuming umbilical cords for the true ending may make it a one-time play.



 A masochistic journey of facing relentless challenges and increasingly powerful bosses, best experienced once to preserve your sanity.

Dark Souls


Once you've built your perfect farm and forged deep connections, starting anew means heartbreak and rebuilding from scratch, best to cherish your existing farm.

Stardew Valley