8 Iconic Phones of the Past that ruled the World

Nokia 3310

Between the time this old-school device debuted in 2000 and its retirement in 2005, 126 million units were sold around the world, making this one of the most successful cell phones of all time.the Nokia 3310 is regarded as one of the most durable cell phones out there.

Nokia 9000 (1996)

a revolutionary mobile powerhouse with a 24MHz Intel processor, 8MB of memory, grayscale display, full QWERTY keypad, and internet connectivity.

Motorola Razr (2004)

The iconic Motorola Razr: the razor-thin clamshell that became the "it phone" of its time, with a sleek 13.9mm silhouette and a special gold edition collaboration with Dolce & Gabbana.

Sony Ericsson W800i

A pioneering cell phone that embraced music, partnering with Walkman and featuring 2GB of external memory, up to 30 hours of music playback, and a distinctive orange-and-white exterior.

BlackBerry Bold 9000 (2008)

BlackBerry, once ruling the mobile scene with its iconic trackball, QWERTY keyboard, and BBM, has tragically become synonymous with irrelevance as the tides of smartphone technology shifted.

Apple iPhone

The revolutionary Apple iPhone of the early 2000s introduced a rectangular, minimalist design with a sleek metal-and-glass body, a groundbreaking touchscreen, and a profound impact on the future of smartphones and their minimalist, screen-centric designs.

Samsung S300 (2003)

The classic clamshell with dual coloured screens, featuring a 256-colour external screen and polyphonic ringtones, was a fan favourite in 2003 and a reminder that even today's advanced devices like the Galaxy S22 will eventually be viewed as prehistoric.

Nokia N95 (2007)

Nokia's N95, a milestone in mobile phone history with its two-way sliding mechanism, was briefly the most desirable phone in the world before the unveiling of the iPhone, which transformed the smartphone landscape and shifted preferences away from physical buttons.

Samsung Galaxy Note (2011)

Samsung's Galaxy Note, initially deemed absurdly big, won over users with its vibrant HD Super AMOLED display, pioneering the "phablet" category that has now become obsolete with the rise of foldable phones, leading to the temporary demise of the Note lineup.

HTC Legend (2010)

The HTC Legend, with its premium aluminium unibody frame and finger-friendly Sense UI, challenged Apple's dominance in 2010, paving the way for Android phones to compete with premium design and leaving a lasting influence despite the Samsung Galaxy S3's greater sales.

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