10 Methods to make coffee while camping

The collapsible pour-over is a space-saving option for making pour-over coffee using a filter and hot water poured over bloomed coffee grounds.

Collapsible Pour-Over Coffee Makers

Pour-over travel mugs provide a convenient way to make coffee by pouring water over coffee grounds using an included steel mesh filter, albeit being less portable.

Pour-Over Travel Mug

Submersible filters offer a lightweight and versatile method of making coffee or tea by steeping grounds in boiled water, poured over a filter placed inside the mug.

Submersible Filter

The "coffee sock" method involves filling a fabric filter with coffee grounds, steeping it in hot water for a few minutes and easy cup of coffee while camping.

Coffee Sock

Pour-over contraptions, like the GSI Outdoors model, elevate camping coffee setups with leg-designed filters, but ensure a secure fit before pouring.

Camping Pour-Over

French press camping models offer coffee-making capabilities and can double as a container to boil water for cooking, though they are heavier and bulkier than other options.

French Press

Percolators brew strong coffee with a taste between drip and espresso, great for those who want a stronger cup, but not versatile and bulky to pack.


Brew cold coffee on-the-go with a convenient brew bag by steeping overnight or during your hike in a water bladder.

Brew Bags

AeroPress is a convenient and simple coffee maker to bring for camping, but requires bringing filters and a more involved cleanup process.


The oldest and simplest method of making coffee while camping is cowboy coffee, where you boil water and coffee grounds together and strain with your teeth.

Cowboy Coffee

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