10 Most Dangerous Toys of All Time


Barbie and Tanner

Beware of Barbie's 2007 Tanner the Pup Set: Loose magnets in the scooper accessory pose a serious risk of intestinal injury if swallowed by toddlers.


Buckyballs recall in 2012: Powerful magnets led to numerous ER visits by children who accidentally ingested them.

Fidget Spinners

2017's popular toy craze had a darker side: Choking hazards found in fidget spinners could harm young children if small parts broke off.


2015's popular holiday toy turned dangerous as hoverboards were prone to battery-related fires, leading to incidents including a fatal house fire in Pennsylvania.

Sky Dancers

Galoob Toys Inc. recalled their flying fairy dolls in 2000 after numerous reports of injuries, including eye injuries, facial lacerations, and broken teeth, leading to the grounding of approximately 8.9 million dolls.

Slip N' Slides

WHAM-O recalled 9 million backyard water slides in 1999 after reports of neck injuries and paralysis in adults and teenagers, cautioning against their use due to the risk of permanent spinal cord injury.

Lawn Darts

Jarts, a yard game involving weighted spikes, were deemed too dangerous by the CPSC, resulting in multiple injuries and fatalities, leading to their permanent ban in 1988 and urging consumers to destroy any remaining sets.

Toy Crossbows

Toothpick crossbows and NERF's "Nerf Zombie Strike Dreadbolt Crossbow" have faced scrutiny for their potential dangers, highlighting the ongoing concern with projectile launchers and the need for caution.