10 Most Popular American Barbecues

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West Texas-Style Barbecue


West Texas barbecue is cooked over mesquite coals instead of being smoked, with goat, mutton, chicken, and beef being the typical meats used. Thinner meats like sausage, ribs, and chops are more suitable due to the fast cooking time.

South Carolina-Style Barbecue


SC BBQ is pork-based, cooked over hardwood, and served with Carolina Gold sauce (Midlands) or vinegar-pepper sauce (Pee Dee), differentiating it from NC BBQ.

Texas barbecue


Central Texas-style barbecue is renowned for its slow-smoked beef brisket over post oak, with other proteins seasoned minimally and served without barbecue sauce, which many pitmasters would find insulting.

Memphis-style barbecue


In Memphis-style barbecue, a savory spice rub heavy with paprika is used instead of sugary sweet rubs, and a thin vinegar and tomato-based mop is used to baste the meat while cooking, rather than a thick sweet sauce.

North Carolina barbecue


North Carolina BBQ revolves around pork and is served in two distinct styles: whole hog in the East, and pulled pork and ribs in the rest of the state, both served with a vinegar-based sauce.

St. Louis-style barbecue


St. Louis-style barbecue features grilled spare ribs with a sweet and sticky tomato-based sauce, and a special cut removing sternum bone, rib tips, and cartilage for a rectangular rack.

South Texas-style barbecue


South Texas-style barbecue is known for barbacoa and cow heads cooked in a pit lined with stones or bricks over a mesquite fire, resulting in tender meat served with traditional sides, as well as spit-roasted cabrito.

Central Texas-style


Central Texas-style barbecue originated in Czech and German meat markets, cooking brisket low and slow over post oak fire, seasoned with salt, pepper, and maybe a bit of cayenne or garlic powder, and cooked in offset smokers for an irresistible smoky flavor.

Kansas City-style barbecue


Kansas City-style barbecue originated in the early 20th century when Henry Perry, an African-American chef, began slow cooking pork ribs over oak and hickory while drizzling them with a molasses, chile, and tomato sauce.

East-style barbecue


East Texas-style barbecue features pork and barbecue sauce, with staples like pork ribs and smoked boudin served on a bun and sides such as greens, fried okra, and banana pudding.

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