10 Pounds in 30 Days:  Expert-Approved Weight Loss Tips

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Try cardio for weight loss

Cardio is an effective way to lose weight. It increases your heart rate and burns more calories. Do 20-40 minutes of cardio daily.


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Choose better beverages

Avoid sugary drinks like soda, juice, and energy drinks.Drink water instead. Water can help you feel full and boost your metabolism.Drinking water can help you lose weight.


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Eat fewer refined carbs

Refined carbs are bad for you. They can cause weight gain and belly fat. Choose whole grains instead of refined carbs.


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Eat slowly

Eat slowly and savor your food. Take smaller bites. Drink plenty of water with your meals. Reduce distractions while you eat.


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Start counting calories

To lose weight, eat fewer calories than you burn. Counting calories can help you do this. There are many apps and food journals that can help you count calories. 


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Eat a high protein breakfast

Eat a high protein breakfast to help you lose weight. Protein can help you feel full and reduce your calorie intake. Good sources of protein include oats, yogurt, eggs, cottage cheese, etc.


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Add fiber to your diet

Fiber can help you lose weight. Aim to get 25–38 grams of fiber daily from fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains.


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Add resistance training for weight loss

Resistance training can help you lose weight. It can help you build muscle and increase your metabolism. You can do resistance training at home or at the gym.


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Get enough sleep every night

Get enough sleep. Aim for 7–8 hours per night. Set a regular sleep schedule and stick to it. Minimize distractions before bed.


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Practice intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is a way to eat less by limiting the time you spend eating. It can help you lose weight and improve your health. There are many different ways to do intermittent fasting.