10 Signs Men Do When They’re Not Interested in a Woman

Lack of Communication: He consistently takes a long time to respond to messages or doesn't initiate conversations.

Avoidance: He avoids spending time alone with her and finds excuses to not hang out.

Minimal Engagement: He seems disinterested or distracted when they do interact, not actively engaging in the conversation.

Short and Uninterested Replies: His responses are brief and lack enthusiasm, giving one-word answers or using emojis.

Canceling Plans: He frequently cancels or reschedules plans, showing a lack of commitment to spending time together.

No Future Planning: He doesn't discuss or express interest in future activities or events together.

Disinterest in Personal Life: He shows little interest in getting to know her on a personal level, not asking questions about her life or experiences.

Absence of Physical Contact: He avoids physical touch, such as hugs or casual touches, signaling a lack of emotional connection.

Talking About Other Women: He talks about other women or dating experiences, implying that he is exploring other options.

No Effort in Getting to Know Her Friends or Family: He shows no interest in meeting her friends or family, which could indicate a lack of interest in a deeper connection.

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