10 Signs Your Dog is Happy

By: Marco Carola

Tail wagging

A wagging tail is often a sign that a dog is happy and content.


Dogs that are happy are often playful and enjoy playing games with their owners.

Relaxed body posture

A relaxed body posture, such as a loose tail and relaxed facial muscles, indicates that a dog is calm and comfortable.


Happy dogs often have relaxed ears that are not pinned back or standing up stiffly.

Eye contact

Dogs that are happy and comfortable often make eye contact with their owners and have soft, relaxed eyes.


A healthy appetite is a good sign that a dog is happy and healthy.


Dogs that are happy and content often sleep well and show no signs of anxiety or restlessness.


Happy dogs often get excited when their owners come home, go for a walk or play with them.


Dogs that are happy often make sounds such as whining, barking, or growling in a playful and non-aggressive way.

Body language

 Happy dogs have an overall positive body language, such as a relaxed body posture, a wagging tail, and a relaxed face.

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