10 Stupid Rules People Actually Believe In

Stepping on cracks superstition is based on unfounded beliefs about bringing bad luck or harm to one's mother and lacks scientific evidence.

Avoiding cracks

"Knock on wood" is a superstitious practice without logical or scientific backing, commonly used to prevent a jinx or reverse a statement perceived as tempting fate.

Knock on wood

Beliefs associating black cats with bad luck or misfortune lack rational evidence and are solely based on superstition and folklore in certain cultures.

Superstitions about black cats

Opening an umbrella indoors superstition lacks logical explanation and is rooted in folklore and superstitious thinking, believed to bring bad luck.

Avoiding opening umbrellas indoors

Triskaidekaphobia, fear of the number 13, persists across cultures without rational basis, rooted in the belief of its unluckiness.

Fear of the number 13

Some people follow unsupported treatments like homeopathy or herbal remedies based on anecdotes and personal experiences rather than scientific research.

Belief in alternative

Some individuals adhere to dietary rules that lack scientific support or are based on popular trends, rather than evidence-based nutritional guidelines.

Fad diets

These standards can prioritize specific body types, appearances, or unrealistic expectations, often perpetuated by societal pressures and media influence.

Rigid beauty standards

Some cultures associate specific colors or types of clothing with particular days or beliefs, despite the lack of logical or scientific basis.


Astrology claims to predict traits and events based on celestial positions but lacks scientific evidence and is considered pseudoscience.

Belief in astrology

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