10 Sustainable Ways to Lose Weight in Your 30s

1. Focus on feeling good

Motivating weight loss by health goals leads to significant results, while appearance motivation may have the opposite effect, according to a study.

2. Make sleep a priority

Getting 7-9 hours of sleep per night is recommended for optimal health and weight loss; sleeping less than 7 hours regularly may increase the risk of obesity and other health issues.

3. Hydrate

Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water can help maintain a moderate weight and boost your metabolism,

4. Get your body moving

Regular movement and exercise can help build and maintain muscle mass, regardless of age, with activities like yoga, dance, or playing with kids.

5. Say no to most diets

Fad diets are not sustainable for long-term weight loss, and can have negative effects on both physical and mental health, so prioritize nutritious choices

6. Keep stress in check

Stress can lead to weight gain due to increased cortisol levels but managing stress through techniques like balanced diet, and mindfulness can prevent stress-related weight gain.

7. your body with nutritious foods

A balanced diet that includes protein, fiber-rich foods, and nutritious fats while avoiding processed snack foods is key to weight loss and reducing the risk of certain diseases.

8. Opt outside

Spending time in nature is associated with higher activity levels, less sitting time, and may reduce chronic disease risk.

Reducing added sugar intake can promote weight loss and reduce the risk of health issues.

9. Cut back on added sugar

Cook at home and use meal planning apps for a healthier body weight, improved diet quality, and to save money.

10. Learn to love cooking