10 Terrific Foods to Help Relieve Stress

Blueberries: Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, blueberries can help combat stress and promote overall well-being.

Dark Chocolate: Dark chocolate contains antioxidants and compounds that can boost mood and reduce stress levels.

Oatmeal: Complex carbohydrates in oatmeal can help stabilize blood sugar levels and provide a calming effect.

Almonds: Almonds are a nutrient-dense snack that provides healthy fats, magnesium, and vitamin E, which can help reduce stress.

Spinach: Packed with magnesium, folate, and other nutrients, spinach supports the body in managing stress and promoting relaxation.

Oranges: Vitamin C in oranges can lower cortisol levels (a stress hormone) and strengthen the immune system.

Chamomile Tea: Known for its calming properties, chamomile tea can help relax the body and promote better sleep.

Greek Yogurt: Greek yogurt is a good source of protein and calcium, which can help stabilize mood and reduce stress.

Avocado: Avocados provide healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals that support brain health and can contribute to stress reduction.

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