10 Legal Surprises That Demand Immediate Illegalization

Paying for College Transcripts

Charging fees to access official school transcripts is absurd, as exemplified by a person having to pay a third party to send their own transcripts to their former school for a job application.

Difficult Unsubscription Methods

Easy sign-ups but difficult unsubscribing is a common frustration, seen in unwanted emails and challenging gym membership cancellations.

Robo Telemarketing

Robo telemarketing calls are a nuisance, with automated voices becoming increasingly deceptive, even tricking recipients into thinking they're speaking with a real person.

Civil Asset Forfeiture

Civil asset forfeiture, criticized as a violation of constitutional rights, enables law enforcement to seize assets without conviction, sparking calls for its immediate prohibition.

Convenience Fees

Charging "convenience fees" for bill payments should be illegal, as exemplified by renters having to pay $15 to pay their rent online, causing unnecessary burden and cost compared to mailing a physical payment.

Child Beauty Pageants

Child beauty pageants, criticized for promoting unhealthy values, attract individuals with questionable motives and may negatively impact girls' self-worth by emphasizing appearance.


The timeshare industry is widely criticized as fraudulent and manipulative, with high costs and no return on investment, as highlighted by salespeople resorting to guilt tactics, even using personal tragedies to push sales.