10 Things That Make Flight Attendants Smile

Patience during delays

Flight delays can be frustrating for passengers, but maintaining a patient and understanding attitude can help alleviate tension. Flight attendants appreciate passengers who remain calm during such situations.

no.  1

Being prepared and organized

Passengers who come prepared with necessary travel documents, follow security protocols, and have their belongings organized make the boarding process smoother. 

No.  2

Consideration for other culture

Air travel connects people from various backgrounds. Flight attendants appreciate passengers who show respect for different cultures, customs, and traditions, creating a harmonious atmosphere onboard.

no. 3

Following safety instructions

Passengers who pay attention to safety demonstrations and follow instructions are a source of satisfaction for flight attendants. It shows that passengers prioritize their own safety and that of others.

no.  4

Sharing positive feedback

If you had a positive experience with a flight attendant, consider providing feedback to the airline. Positive feedback can make a flight attendant's day and may contribute to their professional growth.

no.  5

Polite and friendly interactions

A simple "please" and "thank you" go a long way in making flight attendants smile. Being respectful and kind in your interactions can create a positive atmosphere.

no.  6

Considerate passengers

Flight attendants appreciate passengers who are considerate of others. Being mindful of personal space, keeping noise levels down, and avoiding disruptive behavior can make their job easier.

no.  7

A good crew

The presence of a familiar crew member who has been previously worked with and had a wonderful flight experience can significantly brighten a flight attendant's day. Since flight attendants encounter different colleagues each day, 

no.  8

No turbulence

Flight attendants don't like turbulence, although they face it on many a flight. We know how to deal with it and when it's safe to move around or not, but any flight without the bumps is a good one

no.  9

Crew meals

If our airline offers us a crew meal, we'll happily eat it. It might be repetitive sometimes, but it's nice to get something different when we return from another country. 

no.  10

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