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10 Worst Whiskies in the World

Ole Smoky Salty Caramel Whiskey

Ole Smoky Salty Caramel Whiskey is a sweet whiskey that is best enjoyed in cocktails. It has a strong caramel flavor with a hint of salt. The whiskey is made with Tennessee whiskey and natural flavors.

Irish Diamonds 2005 AC Small Batch No. 03

This whiskey has a strong grapefruit and herbal flavor with a bitter and sour taste. Its aroma is reminiscent of gin and it may not be enjoyable for those who do not appreciate liquors.

Clan McGregor

This whiskey has vegetal notes on the nose, pleasant chocolate and caramel flavors on the palate, but a strong sulfuric aftertaste that overpowers everything, with a warm, rough, peppery, and slightly smoky finish.

Canadian Mist

Despite winning medals in spirits competitions, this spirit tastes like rancid bourbon mixed with artificial flavors, with a low-quality, fresh, raw, bleached-out, and artificial aroma and flavor.

Santis Malt Single Cask

While Santis Malt Single Cask has some redeeming qualities, its unpleasant mix of flavors like rubber ball, crab apple, oak, body lotion, sawdust, etc., on a thin palate, combined with an excessive Orange Finish, makes it less enjoyable.

Nelson’s Green Brier Tennessee Whiskey

With an unusual aroma of Crayola crayons and Play-Doh, this whiskey's young age of at least 2 years shows in its flavor and it falls short of meeting the standard taste of whiskey, leaving whiskey enthusiasts unimpressed.

Proper Twelve

This whiskey has a sharp and young aroma, indicating that it may not have aged enough in barrels, and while it is priced similarly to other whiskies, there are better options available with a more promising palate, nose, and finish.

Hudson Baby Bourbon

This whiskey is young, unpleasant, ethanol-forward, and astringent, with a nose that lacks sweetness and a sweet but acidic palate, a dry and short finish, leaving little desire to have more after a few sips.

Town Branch

While the aroma of Town Branch whiskey is more appealing than its taste, it lacks distinctness, and the bitter and hot palate has no sweetness or flavor, resulting in a dry mouthfeel that is not satisfying and not worth the investment.

Glen Stag

While this spirit has a long-lasting finish, the lack of character in the caramel notes on the nose and the absence of a refined aftertaste prevent it from being versatile and experiencing the elegance that the brand claims, making it best served neat.

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