11 Rare Pitbull Coat Colors


Pure black Pit bulls are not common, as they are usually seen with white markings, particularly on the chest.


Black and Tan

Black and tan Pit bulls exhibit markings resembling Rottweilers, featuring brown accents on the eyebrows, cheeks, chest, and feet.


White Pit bulls, regardless of their pigmentation, are infrequent, and breeding or purchasing albino ones is not recommended due to the high risk of health issues like deafness, light sensitivity, and skin cancer.

Red-Nosed Chocolate

Pit bulls with a red-nosed chocolate coat display a dark brown fur and nose with reddish hues.

Light Fawn

Light fawn Pit bulls are not particularly uncommon and have a light tan coat, occasionally with white markings.

American Pit Bull Terriers with a red coat exhibit an orange-toned fur resembling that of a fox.


White and Black

White and black Pit bulls have a combination of both black and white fur, with a diverse range of patterns.

Red Brindle

Red brindle Pitbulls have red fur (an orange shade) with a darker striped pattern that’s easiest to see along their torsos.


Blue Pit bulls are relatively prevalent and usually have white markings on their body, resulting from a dilute, silvery black coat.

Blue Fawn

Blue fawn Pit bulls have a more silver-toned coat than typical fawn coloring, frequently accompanied by white markings, particularly on their chests.

Pit bulls with tricolor coats showcase three distinct fur colors, commonly black, brown, and white.


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