5 Biggest Costco Controversies Of 2023—So Far

Joel Stice

Costco, unlike politicians and celebrities, may seem uncontroversial but is a unique grocery chain with a distinct customer base.

While Costco's food court menu isn't for everyone, many still agree that it offers great value. Just consider the $9.95 18-inch pizzas, $3.99 chicken bakes, and the famous hotdog combo that has remained firmly priced at $1.50 despite soaring food costs.

An overpriced sandwich



The controversy surrounding a new kind of Costco free sample kiosk wasn't as much about the kiosk itself as it was about how certain customers behave.

New self-serve sample kiosks


After a Costco shopper reported an unpleasant "chemical" taste in the chicken in March, it was discovered that the problem was widespread, with many other shoppers reporting the same issue in a Reddit thread with hundreds of comments.

Rotisserie chicken issues


In 2021, Costco reduced its services by closing all in-store photo centers, and in January this year, it completely shut down its photo center website, although it still allows members to order prints online through a different website.

The demise of Costco Photo Center


A Costco shopper created a controversial dish by combining the hotdog and chicken bake from the food court menu, which was later named the "forbidden glizzy," due to its unusual taste.

The "forbidden glizzy"