5 Exercises and Stretches for Neck Pain

1. Box breathing

Box breathing is a focused imagery-based breathing exercise that triggers the calming part of the nervous system and loosens tension in the neck by inhaling and repeating the pattern five times.

2. Head retraction

The head retraction exercise involves moving the head backward to realign the neck with the spine, reducing back and neck pain; repeat 10-15 times.

3. Thoracic spine extensions

Bend backward over the edge of a chair with clasped hands behind the neck, holding for 3-5 seconds and repeating five times, placing a towel over the edge for comfort.

4. Shoulder rolls

Raise both shoulders toward your ears, roll them backward and down, then roll them forward and up in slow circles, repeat 5 times in each direction.

5. Seated reverse shoulder fly

From the edge of a chair, tuck your chin, extend your arms in line with your knees, palms facing, and then raise them away from each other and out to the sides, repeating 10-15 times.