5 Red Flags Your Weight Loss Plan Is Not Working

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You’re hungry “all of the time.”

If you feel hungry all the time, it may be a sign that your plan isn't working. Try increasing calories incrementally or combining food groups to increase satiety.


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You require a “cheat day.”

Cheat days can damage your relationship with food and may result in a binge/restrict cycle. It is better to have a sustainable eating pattern that you can stick to over a long period of time.


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You’re losing weight rapidly.

Rapid weight loss is not sustainable and may lead to muscle loss. It is better to lose weight gradually and in a healthy way.


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You feel unusually exhausted during a workout.

Make sure to follow a training plan that takes your fitness level into account and allow yourself adequate time to recover. Stay hydrated and eat to meet your calorie needs.


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You feel out of control around food.

A good plan should not make you feel deprived or obsessed. Instead, it should help you feel satisfied and in control.