5 Scientific Things That Happen To Men With Beards

Enhanced facial attractiveness

Men with beards are often seen as more attractive due to how facial hair accentuates masculine features such as a strong jawline or cheekbones.

Protection against the sun

Facial hair can provide a natural shield against UV rays, blocking up to 95% of radiation and reducing the risk of sunburn and skin cancer.

Bacterial trapping

Beards can trap bacteria, reducing the risk of skin infections, as they possess antimicrobial properties and lower bacterial counts compared to clean-shaven faces.

Allergen filtration

Beards can potentially filter allergens, reducing the risk of allergies, but proper hygiene and cleaning are crucial to prevent allergen trapping and potential irritation.

Heat retention

Beards offer insulation by retaining heat near the skin, providing warmth and protection against cold climates.

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