5 Smelly animals in the US.


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Bombardier beetles, known for their caustic and explosive spray of smelly liquid, are found in cool, moist environments across the Western United States, such as woodlands and grasslands.


Bombardier Beetles

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Millipedes found throughout the United States produce a toxic mix of chemicals that emit a foul odor and can cause rashes and blistering on contact with skin, with some species carrying cyanide for self-protection.



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Stink bugs, an invasive agricultural pest found in every US state, live up to their name by producing a foul odor through a mixture of chemicals released when threatened.


Stink Bugs

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The Wolverine, known for its aggressive behavior, is also infamous for its smelly anal gland spray, earning it the nickname 'Skunk Bear', and is native to a few states in the US.



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Skunks, found in all fifty states, produce a strong, perceptible odor from their anal glands that can reach over ten feet and serve as their defense against predators.



Animals emit strong odors as a defense mechanism to protect themselves from predators and ensure the survival of their species through the process of natural selection known as animal adaptation.

Reasons behind their Odor

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