5 Tips To Prevent  Kidney Stones


Stay hydrated

Drinking water and fluids like lemonade can prevent kidney stones. Aim for 8 glasses daily and check urine color – it should be clear or pale yellow.


Eat calcium rich foods

Calcium in your diet can help prevent kidney stones by binding to oxalate and reducing its absorption and excretion in the urine.


Eat less sodium

Salt → Ca kidney stones. ↓Salt → ↓Ca reabsorption → ↑urine Ca → ↑risk of stones.


Limit animal protein

Limit animal protein intake to a pack of playing cards to reduce the risk of kidney stones due to raised uric acid and low urinary citrate.


 Eat fewer oxalate-rich foods

Limiting oxalate-rich foods and eating them with calcium-rich foods may prevent kidney stone formation as oxalate binds with calcium to form stones.