6 Saddest Movie Scenes of All Time  

Brooklyn Simmons

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 The ending scene where Rose lets go of Jack's hand and he sinks into the icy water.


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The scene where Oskar Schindler breaks down, realizing he could have saved more lives.

"Schindler's List" 

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The heartbreaking moment when Simba finds his father, Mufasa, lying lifeless after being killed.

"The Lion King" 

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The scene where Old Yeller is infected with rabies, and his young owner has to make the difficult decision to put him down.

"Old Yeller" 

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The montage sequence at the beginning of the movie that depicts the life journey of Carl and Ellie, including their dreams and heartbreaks.


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The execution scene of John Coffey, where his gentle nature and unjust fate make it an emotionally devastating moment.

"The Green Mile" 

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