6 Weird Animal Facts Everyone Should Know

Slugs Have 4 Noses: Slugs have four tentacles on their heads that they use for both smelling and feeling.

Kangaroos Cannot Walk Backwards: Kangaroos have strong hind legs for hopping, but their anatomy prevents them from moving in reverse.

Octopuses Have Three Hearts: Octopuses possess three hearts – two for pumping blood to the gills and one for circulating blood to the rest of the body.

A Group of Flamingos Is Called a "Flamboyance": When flamingos gather together, they form a flamboyance, which is an apt name for their vibrant appearance.

Sloths Only Poop Once a Week: Sloths have a slow metabolism and move very little, leading them to defecate only about once a week.

Cows Have Best Friends: Cows can form close bonds with other cows and have been shown to have best friends within their herds.


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