7 Amazing Benefits Of Olive Oil For Kids

Joel Stice

Virgin or extra virgin olive oil is natural and free from chemical treatment, suitable for both cooking and salad dressings.

1. Helps with ADHD symptoms

Polyphenol in olive oil, a natural antioxidant, reduces triglyceride levels, maintains cardiovascular health, and reduces cancer risk by repairing damaged tissues.

2. Prevent cardiovascular diseases and cancer:

Olive oil is rich in omega acids, making it an excellent choice to support brain development in children.

3. Promotes brain development

Olive oil is a source of essential vitamins including A, B, D, and E, crucial for child growth and health. Vitamin A supports eye health, B for brain development, D for bone health, and E for overall wellbeing.

4. Rich in vitamins

Olive oil contains a number of antioxidants, including Squalene, which can help keep your kid’s hair and skin healthy.

5. Keeps skin and hair healthy

Squalene, an antioxidant present in olive oil, contributes to maintaining healthy skin and hair in children.

6. High on calories

Research indicates that children who consume olive oil as part of their diet are less prone to obesity.

7. Reduces risk of obesity

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