7 best butt lifting exercises

Doug Collins


Grab dumbbells, hinge at hips with knees slightly bent, lower torso until almost parallel to the floor, then return to standing while keeping a natural arch in the back.


Hold dumbbells, place right foot on a step, drive through ball of big toe to stand up, slowly lower down until back foot touches the ground while keeping front foot on the step.

Single-Leg Hamstring Curl

Lie faceup with ball under feet, bridge up, bend right knee into chest, curl the ball toward butt by bending left knee, slowly extend left leg to complete rep.

Kettlebell Swing

Hold kettlebell, hinge at hips, swing kettlebell between legs, thrust hips forward, straighten knees, and swing kettlebell up to belly button/chest level.

Lateral Band Steps

Position band above knees, squat down, right foot wide out to the side, left foot halfway in, step out with left foot and halfway in with right foot, continue stepping while staying in a deep squat.

Explosive Lunge

Lunge forward with left leg, jump up and switch legs midair to land with right foot forward in a lunge, continue alternating sides.

Squat with Kick-Back

Stand shoulder-width apart, squat and lift left leg straight back while extending arms forward, return to start, switch sides and repeat.

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