7 Dangerous Animals in New York's Lakes and Rivers

Snapping Turtle

Beware of the Snapping Turtle: The aggressive nature and powerful jaws of this freshwater reptile make it a dangerous resident of New York's lakes and rivers.


Caution Around Beavers: While generally peaceful, beavers can become aggressive if threatened or cornered, emphasizing the need to exercise caution and maintain a safe distance in New York's lakes and rivers.


Beware of Tick-Borne Diseases in New York's Outdoor Areas: Ticks pose a significant risk, emphasizing the need for preventive measures like protective clothing, insect repellents, and regular checks for ticks.


Beware of Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes in New York's Waterways: These tiny yet perilous insects can transmit various infectious diseases, emphasizing the importance of taking preventive measures to minimize exposure and protect oneself from mosquito bites.

Black Bears

Exercise caution around black bears near New York's rivers and lakes, as these animals can pose a threat if provoked, emphasizing the need for precautions such as proper food storage, maintaining a safe distance, and adhering to wildlife safety guidelines.

Timber Rattlesnake

Exercise caution near New York's waterways as timber rattlesnakes, venomous and reclusive snakes, pose a threat to humans and pets, highlighting the need for preventive measures such as staying on designated trails and keeping pets on leashes.


Antibiotic-resistant bacteria in New York's waters pose a significant risk to human health, emphasizing the importance of precautionary measures, wound care, and effective monitoring and prevention strategies.