7 Diet Foods That Are Secretly Making You Fat

Despite having zero or low calories, artificial sweeteners in diet sodas can potentially increase sugar cravings and lead to overeating other high-calorie foods.

Diet Soda

Many granola bars marketed as healthy can be high in added sugars and calories, negating their potential benefits.

Granola Bars

Low-fat or fat-free snacks often compensate for reduced fat content with higher sugar or artificial additives, making them calorie-dense and less satisfying.

Low-Fat Snacks

Even 100% fruit juices can be calorie-rich and lack the fiber that whole fruits provide, leading to quicker consumption of calories.

Fruit Juices

While containing healthy nuts and fruits, trail mix can become high in calories if consumed in large amounts due to its dense nature.

Trail Mix

Flavored yogurts often contain added sugars, offsetting the potential health benefits of probiotics and protein.

Yogurt with Added Flavors

Many gluten-free alternatives like bread and pasta can be higher in calories and lower in fiber compared to their gluten-containing counterparts.

Gluten-Free Foods

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