7 Exercises to Never Do After 50

1.Shoulder Presses

shoulder impingement is a common issue caused by exercises like shoulder presses, upright rows, and overhead presses.

2. Leg Extensions

Leg extension machines are great for building leg strength but can place stress on kneecaps, making them a poor choice for those with past knee problems.

3. Burpees

Burpees can cause wear and tear on knees due to the crouching motion, but can be done correctly by finding the bottom of a good squat before placing hands on the ground

4. Marathon Running

After 50, it's recommended to shift from cardio-based exercise to resistance training, which builds functional muscle and improves cardiovascular health

5. Box Jumps

Box jumps can be risky for older individuals due to the potential for injury from hitting the box and improper landings, leading to pressure on ankles, knees, calves, and shins

6. Crunches and V-Ups

Avoid crunches and V-sit ups if you have a weak core as they can strain your lower back and hip flexors, and are generally ineffective for strengthening abs.

7. Running On Hard Surfaces

For novice runners, it's recommended to run on softer surfaces like dirt trails to avoid joint pain from repeated impact on hard surfaces

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