7 Famous Poisonings in History

The trial and death of philosopher Socrates in 399 BCE, who drank poison, traditionally believed to be hemlock, rather than renounce his beliefs.

1. Socrates (died 399 BCE)

Juan Ponce de León died in 1513 after being shot with a poisonous arrow dipped in the sap of a manchineel tree during his expedition to Florida.

2. Juan Ponce de León (died 1521)

Arctic explorer Charles Francis Hall died in 1871 while on the Polaris expedition, and an autopsy in the 1960s revealed that he had been poisoned with arsenic.

3. Charles Francis Hall (died 1871)

The last emperor of China's Qing dynasty, Guangxu, was suspected of being poisoned at the time of his death in 1908, and a century later, modern researchers confirmed that his body contained high levels of arsenic.

4. Guangxu (died 1908)

Grigori Rasputin was famously poisoned, shot, and drowned in 1916, but reportedly survived the poisoning before finally succumbing to his wounds.

5. Grigori Rasputin (died 1916)

Stepan Bandera, a Ukrainian nationalist militant, was killed by KGB agent Bohdan Stashynsky, who shot cyanide gas into his face with an air pistol.

6. Stepan Bandera (died 1959)

Former Bosnian Croat military commander Slobodan Praljak died by suicide in 2017 by drinking potassium cyanide in a United Nations tribunal in The Hague.

7. Slobodan Praljak (died 2017)

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