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7 Jobs Potentially Replaced by ChatGPT


AI advancements, including ChatGPT, pose a threat to mathematicians' jobs as they can solve complex math problems and specialized AI bots for mathematical problem-solving are emerging.

Web Designers

AI, including ChatGPT, challenges web designers' jobs by generating code for websites in multiple programming languages, reshaping web development with AI-designed websites and programming assistance services.


AI, including ChatGPT, is revolutionizing the teaching industry by assisting with complex programming code, simplifying explanations of various subjects, aiding in essay writing, and providing homework help, potentially challenging the role of teachers in the future.


Cashiers face competition from automated systems like self-checkout machines and order kiosks, where customers can scan and pay for items themselves, potentially replacing the need for human cashiers in certain settings.

Clinical Data Manager

AI's analytical capabilities aid in handling clinical trial data and preparing databases for medical companies, but ethical concerns and the potential for complete replacement of clinical data managers require ongoing evaluation.

Recruiters and HR Team

ChatGPT and AI can assist in job interviews, but the multifaceted nature of recruiters' roles, which involve sourcing and pursuing candidates and require human emotional intelligence (EQ), makes them irreplaceable by AI in their entirety.

Graphic Designers

AI image generators threaten graphic designers' jobs as users can easily create beautiful images, impacting demand, but concerns about originality and ethics arise from using AI-generated art based on existing datasets.

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