8 Amazing Animal Sanctuaries to Visit in the U.S. 

The Wild Animal Sanctuary - Keenesburg, Colorado

This sanctuary rescues large carnivores, including lions, tigers, bears, and wolves, from captivity and provides them with spacious habitats.

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary - Kanab, Utah

Best Friends is the largest no-kill animal sanctuary in the U.S., providing a haven for dogs, cats, horses, birds, and other animals. 

Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee - Hohenwald, Tennessee

Dedicated to retired circus and zoo elephants, this sanctuary offers a natural environment where these majestic creatures can roam freely and enjoy a peaceful life.

Big Cat Rescue - Tampa, Florida

Focused on rescuing and rehabilitating big cats like lions, tigers, and leopards, this sanctuary advocates for ending the exotic pet trade and mistreatment of these animals.

The Donkey Sanctuary - Watkinsville, Georgia

This sanctuary is a safe haven for donkeys rescued from abuse and neglect. Visitors can learn about these gentle animals and their contributions to society.

Center for Great Apes - Wauchula, Florida

Providing lifelong care to orangutans and chimpanzees, this sanctuary emphasizes the well-being and emotional health of these highly intelligent primates.

Wolves and Warriors - Nunn, Colorado

Focusing on the rescue of wolves and wolf-dogs, this sanctuary educates visitors about these misunderstood creatures and promotes responsible ownership.

Wolf Haven International - Tenino, Washington

Dedicated to the preservation of wolves and their habitats, this sanctuary offers guided tours to educate visitors about the vital role of wolves in ecosystems.

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