8 Dogs Who Think Rugs Make Them Invisible

The Camouflage Corgi

This adorable pup believes that hiding on a rug renders it invisible to the world.

The Rug Ninja Poodle

With a flair for stealth, this poodle becomes convinced of its invisibility as soon as it sets foot on a rug.


Watch as this determined bulldog assumes that blending in with a rug will make it disappear from sight.

The Vanishing Dachshund

This clever dachshund believes that laying on a rug magically renders it unseen.

Shih Tzu

Witness the incredible illusion of a Shih Tzu convinced that a rug provides a cloak of invisibility.

The Stealthy Beagle

This curious beagle employs the power of rugs to disappear in plain sight, or so it thinks.

The Hidden Terrier

Always on the lookout for mischief, this terrier believes that rugs hold the secret to perfect camouflage.

The Ghostly Golden Retriever

See how this golden retriever's belief in rug-based invisibility leads to amusing encounters.

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