8 Ideas for an Agility Course for Dogs

Terrain Map

Set up a collapsible tunnel for your dog to navigate through. You can create a straight tunnel or add curves for an extra challenge.


Terrain Map

Use adjustable jump bars or even household items like broomsticks or pool noodles to create hurdles for your dog to jump over.


Terrain Map

Arrange a series of poles or cones in a straight line, spaced apart, and teach your dog to weave in and out of them.

Weave Poles

Terrain Map

Construct a sturdy ramp or use a large plank to create an A-frame for your dog to climb up and down.


Terrain Map

Hang a hula hoop or a specially designed tire jump at a suitable height for your dog to jump through.

Tire Jump

Terrain Map

Set up a narrow beam, like a wooden plank or a sturdy beam, for your dog to walk across without falling off.

Balance Beam

Terrain Map

Create a platform or table where your dog can learn to sit or lie down for a specific duration before continuing with the course.

Pause Table

Terrain Map

Build or use a dog walk ramp, which consists of an elevated narrow plank that your dog can walk across, with ramps at both ends.

Dog Walk

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