Potential Risks of Earl Grey Tea in Pregnancy

Earl Grey Tea Intoxication

Drinking excessive amounts of Earl Grey tea may interfere with potassium processing, leading to severe muscle cramps. This is due to bergamot's interference with potassium channels.

Cholesterol Lowering Effects

Bergamot extract lowers LDL and total cholesterol differently than medications.

Potential Risks of Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey tea's caffeine content may increase anxiety and disrupt sleep, exacerbating depression.

Weight Loss

Black tea polyphenols may aid weight loss by inhibiting fat digestion, promoting metabolism, and reducing oxidative stress.

Heart Health

Black tea can lower blood pressure, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, especially in people with hypertension.

Caffeine Sensitivity

Earl Grey tea contains caffeine ranging from 40 to 120mg per 8oz cup, which is safe when consumed in moderation.

Heavy Metal Accumulation

Tea may contain trace amounts of heavy metals, including mercury, lead, aluminium, arsenic, and cadmium due to environmental factors and tea processing.


Microplastics found in Earl Grey tea bags may pose health risks. Major tea makers are taking action, with some going plastic-free by 2025. Consider loose-leaf options.