8 Surprising Celebrities Who Haven't Been to Jail


Redditors criticize Chris Brown for his actions towards Rihanna, with some expressing relief that he is banned from entering Canada and others questioning why he hasn't faced more consequences for his behavior.

Chris Brown

Ozzy Osbourne's longevity despite heavy substance use surprises many, with doctors even planning to study his body after death and identifying a unique mutation in his DNA.

Ozzy Osborne

People are amazed that Keith Richards, a founding member of the Rolling Stones, has lived for so long despite his heavy smoking and substance use. Many have made jokes about his longevity.

Keith Richards

At 89 years old, Willie Nelson is still going strong, with fans jokingly calling him a vampire for his seemingly ageless appearance.

Willie Nelson

Redditors have criticized Ezra Miller, known for playing "The Flash," for his past arrests, with some speculating that Hollywood has paid off authorities to keep him out of prison, and one user mentioning his bad behavior being well-known in Hawaii.

Ezra Miller

YouTube star Nikocado Avocado has faced criticism for promoting unhealthy behavior with his extreme weight gain and mukbang videos, raising concerns among fans and Redditors about his health.

Nikocado Avocado

Fans of MTV's Jackass are worried about Brandon "Bam" Margera's self-destructive behavior, with one fan even admitting to unfollowing and blocking him on all social media to preserve their memories of him.

Bam Margera

Nikki Sixx, the songwriter of Mötley Crüe, survived a life-threatening overdose and later cleaned up his act, even writing a book about his journey that was adapted into a rock song.

Nikki Sixx

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