8 Tips for Baby's First Bath

Before starting the bath, make sure you have all the essentials ready, such as a clean towel, mild baby soap, shampoo, washcloth, and a change of clothes.

Gather Supplies Beforehand

Pick a time when your baby is calm and alert, not hungry or overly tired. A bath before bedtime can also be a soothing routine.

Choose the Right Time

Ensure the room is comfortably warm, and test the water temperature using your wrist or elbow. 

Warm Room and Water

Hold your baby securely with one hand while supporting their head and neck. Use your other hand for washing.

Maintain a Secure Grip

Using a baby tub or sink insert can make bathing easier. They provide a safe and secure space for your baby and prevent them from slipping.

Use a Baby Tub or Sink Insert

For the first few weeks, you can start with a sponge bath using a soft washcloth. Gently clean your baby's face, neck, arms, and diaper area.

Start with a Sponge Bath

Your baby's head and neck need extra support during baths. Use one hand to support their neck while washing their body with the other.

Support the Neck and Head

Baby's first baths should be short and gentle to prevent them from getting cold or upset.

Keep It Short and Gentle

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