9 Adorable Cat Breeds That'll Steal Your Heart

Maine's official state cat is the Maine Coon, a large, fluffy cat that is one of the oldest native breeds in America.

Maine Coon


Persians are the most popular pedigree cat in America. They are known for their calm personality and beautiful, flowing coats.

Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold cat breed originated in Scotland in 1961. They are known for their folded ears and quizzical, super-appealing quality.

Russian Blue

Russian Blues are beautiful, elegant cats with a blue-gray coat and green eyes.


Bengals are stunning cats with leopard-like coats. They are bright, intelligent, and love water.

Birman cats are stocky, friendly, and sociable cats with striking blue eyes. They were once worshipped as idols in temples.



Burmese cats are outgoing, vocal, and athletic. They love company and will soon capture your heart.


Ragdoll cats are big, affectionate, and laidback. They love to be petted and purr loudly.

Turkish Van 

Turkish Vans are known for their love of water and soft coats. They are lively and energetic cats.